From call accounting software to auto attendant services, overhead paging to video conferencing systems, The Final Connection can assist you with most any telecommunications need your business has. Check out our services page to discover more about what we can do for you! Sound like you may need a hand? Contact our team with inquiries!

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Supported Systems

  • Unified Communication Systems Converged Technologies
  • Premises Based VOIP PBX’s
  • Cloud Hosted VOIP PBX
  • Hybrid VOIP/Digital PBX’s
  • Legacy Digital PBX’s
  • Legacy Key Systems
  • E911 Multi-line Telephone System Compliance Systems
  • Hosted & Premises Video Conferencing Systems
  • Overhead Paging
  • High Def IP Video Surveillance CCTV Systems
  • Wifi Networks

Communication System Adjuncts

  • Headsets
  • Speaker Phones
  • Industrial Cordless Phones
  • Call Recording Modules
  • Specialty Phones
  • Legacy System Replacement Modules and Phones
  • VoIP SoftPhones
  • SIP Adjuncts
  • Power Management Systems
  • Managed POE Switching Equipment

Management System & Tools

  • Real Time System Diagnostic and Management Software
  • Call Accounting Software
  • Call Recording Systems
  • Call Center & ACD Real-Time Status & Historical Reporting
  • Productivity Measurement and Effectiveness Software
  • Onsite Emergency Systems
  • Hospitality & PMS Integration Systems

Broadband Internet and Voice Connectivity Services

  • Carrier Analysis & Consulting Services
  • Trunk Services – VoIP, PRI, SIP, POTS, E&M Tie, P-2P
  • Hosted Call Distribution & Auto Attendant Services
  • Dedicated Circuits, MPLS, EDIA, T1, T3, Cable, Fiber
  • Local, LD & Toll Free Services