We’d love to hear from you, regardless of the issue, we are here to help! The Final Connection provides premier telecommunication services with quality customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

We view all our customers as partners and we strive to make your business goals our goals. If you have any questions we’d love to open up a dialog, get in touch today!


Contact Information

Below is our contact information.  If you have a general question about our services or work we have done in the past, feel free to use whatever method is easiest for you.  If this is an urgent issue we encourage you to reach out via phone.  We do our best to respond to all issues within the first 24 hours of receiving notice.

Telephone: 802-878-0847


Urgent Issue?

If you are experiencing an outage or require immediate assistance the best way to reach out is via telephone 802-878-0847


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